the affectivist manifesto

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Artistic Critique in the 21st Century


New York Times Special Edition courtesy of Yes Men and friends!

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In the twentieth century, art was judged with respect to the existing state of the medium. What mattered was the kind of rupture it made, the unexpected formal elements it brought into play, the way it displaced the conventions of the genre or the tradition. The prize at the end of the evaluative process was a different sense of what art could be, a new realm of possibility for the aesthetic. Today all that has changed, definitively.

The backdrop against which art now stands out is a particular state of society. What an installation, a performance, a concept or a mediated image can do is to mark a possible or real shift with respect to the laws, the customs, the measures, the mores, the technical…

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it’s all about the experience!


For more about the book and our essay, “Bodies and Objects in Today’s Museums,” click here.

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design as future-making


Click here for more about the book.

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iscp artists at the moore street market


Old New Territories (a short text I wrote), discusses projects installed by residents Minja GuLotte Van den AudenaerenFrancisco Montoya Cázarez & Su Yu-Hsein at Moore Street Market in Brooklyn from 2011 through 2012.  Projects were commissioned as a component of ISCP’s Participatory Projects initiative supporting current residents and alumni producing new works in the public realm.


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“[Y]our study is at the crossroads of magic and positivism. This spot is bewitched.” (Adorno in a letter to Walter Benjamin)

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jameson(from Fredric Jameson’s The Geopolitical Aesthetic).

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touching reality

“Art is a tool used to get to know the world. Art is a tool used to experience the time in which I am living.” Thomas Hirschhorn


Link to Hirschhorn’s essay, “Why Is it Important – Today –to Look at Images of Destroyed Human Bodies.” Still from his video, “Touching Reality” (now at ICP’s triennialA Different Kind of Order).

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